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About Us

About Buy Supply

At Buy Supply, we want to make ordering products and supplies for your company or organization easier than ever before. Buy Supply is your one-stop-shop for industrial, commercial, office, and facility supplies, plus tactical, outdoor, and public safety products. When you work with us, you have access to 7 million products from 3,500 manufacturers — all in one place. We have the products you need, when you need them, with 24/7 sales support.

In today’s challenging environment, businesses need partners who understand the situation and adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Buy Supply's success is built around flexibility.

Everything you need is hassle-free.


Shop Our Brands

We only carry brands that have built their reputations around manufacturing high-quality, reliable products that get the job done.


Our History

Buy Supply is comprised of a team of professionals with a 40-year track record in business supply.

Our journey began in 1981 as a woman-owned small business focused on electronics. The company quickly grew to include more categories and positioned itself as a top supplier for the federal government working with more than 60,000 agencies.

In 2018, Buy Supply, Inc. was founded to serve the supply needs of commercial customers. Today we offer 6 million products across 25 major and 120 minor categories from 3,000 manufacturers.



Our M2B Mission

Buy Supply's mission is to revolutionize the B2B ecommerce industry, making purchasing supplies faster, more efficient, affordable, and reliable. To do this, we’ve optimized the supply chain, offering millions of products from thousands of brands, directly from the manufacturer to the business. We have everything you need, hassle-free.


Our Culture

At Buy Supply, we strive to break the mold set by other business suppliers with our innovative M2B model combined with a dedication to diversity, quality, and customer. As a government-recognized diversity supplier, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, providing equal opportunities to all employees to grow and thrive. Our brands are thoughtfully sourced to ensure satisfaction, and we’re a little obsessed with our customers in a good way.


No more middleman; our M2B model saves you time, money, & headaches.


Minority-owned business & government-recognized diversity suppliers.


Top brands that get the job done.


24/7 support to ensure that no question goes unanswered.


We Supply A World-Class Experience

We Supply A
World-Class Experience

More than anything, the Buy Supply team believes that we are stronger together. We believe in collaboration, in creating new ideas, new processes, and new systems to better our customers and our world. Our team isn’t siloed but rather joined together with one common goal: To revolutionize the B2B ecommerce industry one step at a time.


Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of professionals with 40 years of combined experience in the business supply sector. We are small but mighty and growing by the day. Get to know us & connect on LinkedIn.

John Xiao
Director of Operations
John Xiao
Director of Operations
Mitch Fine
National Sales Director
Mitch Fine
National Sales Director
Gary Herczeg
Director of Technology
Gary Herczeg
Director of Technology

Let’s grow Together

Whether your business relies on great products or makes great products that businesses rely on, we want to connect with you.

Buyers - You run a squeaky-clean commercial cleaning company, operate a tantalizing cafe, are a dazzling electrician, or make your living as a metalworking extraordinaire; no matter what you do or how you do it, we have the products & community to support it.

Sellers - You make things that chop, slice, sand, grind, clean, move, haul, build, furnish, organize, or protect. Your products mean business & they have the reputation to back it up. No matter what you make or who you make it for, we have the platform & community to sell it.

Click to join our online groups, start a conversation, & be a part of our community today.



Buy Supply is growing, but it would not be possible without our dedicated team, top-tier vendors, and wonderful customers. As an organization, we continually improve and learn to honor our mission of transforming the B2B ecommerce industry. To do this, we meet regularly to collaborate on new ideas, new processes, and new systems to better our customers and our world.

New Ideas

What can we offer that is better, faster, more affordable?

New Processes

How can we streamline?

New Systems

How can we optimize?

Our internal community of B2B experts work daily to answer these questions because we are stronger together.